Kyusho Jitsu

Kyusho_JitsuPressure points are common terms in the traditional Chinese medicine and referred to those points on the human body where the nerve system forms a cross, a Y split or when the nerves are on the surface and protected only by the skin (usually the nerves are located behind the muscles). More and more martial art schools use the term Pressure Points in their training, even if some of them have absolutely no knowledge about these points.

Kyusho Jitsu (or Kyusho Jutsu) is a system that goes beyond hitting one or two pressure points, it is a martial art way and a system with the intention to use the structure of the human body in order to weaken your opponent. Kyusho doesn’t teach Katas but rather will help you integrate your Kata techniques with pressure point striking so that, in the end, you will be a better fighter. If you start from this point of view you may think that Kyusho is not a real Martial Art Style, and you are not far from the truth. Kyusho Jitsu is method that teaches pressure points and how can you exploit them; basically you can combine Kyusho with any fighting style or Martial Art available. Kyusho, can be translated as: First Second, meaning that you can gain control over the conflict in the first second of the fight. This can be achieved by using certain techniques that will deteriorate, for a short period of time, the human body. The idea is not to knock out your attacker, but rather, incapacitate it without doing any physical damage.

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All Martial Arts have old tales about old Masters that could kill or incapacitate any enemy with a single touch or blow. Certainly you have heard about terms like “Iron Palm”, “Iron Fist”, Dimak and others. “Chi” is another term widely used, and you may have heard that you can knock out someone with a simple touch.

Chi is a Chinese term that defines the energy used by the body. They refer to this energy as Ki or Chi. We define Chi as the electric impulses that are send and received by the brain for controlling the central nervous system. So, yes, this energy is real and it dictates our movements and reactions; thus it is possible to rub/touch/strike certain area and body points to get a reaction from a person.

Acupuncture uses and manipulates this energy to heal many diseases and sickness; but in the same time this energy can be used to cause harm and destruction to the body. If you want to understand Kyusho and how it works you must understand the human body. Let’s take the Meridians: Our brain sends electrical impulses constantly all over the body to receptors.

For example, when you are walking and you want to move your left foot in front of the right your brain send electrical impulses to the nerves located in your left leg. These impulses carry certain messages, in this case to contract the muscles in order to lift the foot from the ground and then retract them for pushing the leg in front. These impulses travel certain nerve paths, called meridians. All these activities are done extremely fast and it is an automated unconscious process made by our brain.

From place to place these meridians come quite close to the skin and sometimes they lay over some muscles or bones. Using these locations you can manipulate the impulses that travel via the meridian. It is a medical truth that if you affect these nerves, in certain ways, you will see results. Of course, this is not an easy task since every point is unique and is susceptible only to certain stimulations. Some pressure points must be rubbed; others must be touched while some are strike points. In order to make things even more complicated pressure points work only if you apply the correct technique from the correct angle.

Apply the proper technique from the correct angle and you will get some interesting results from, dizziness, loss of motor control and loss of breath to unconsciousness. In an extreme scenario, a person could lose the function of an internal organ, or even die.

Fortunately, there are few people with the necessary skills and knowledge to kill another person using Kyusho, and they are all responsible. Also, reaching this level requires a lot of study and practice. It takes years of study and practice for a person to actually be able to knock someone out using Kyusho Jitsu.

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You must remember that Kyusho strikes are not done with full power, but rather relaxed. Angle, speed and direction are more important than brute force. All practitioners start from one single point and try to mater all three elements: force, technique and angle. After you master your first point and you can hit it (if it is a strike point, for example) anytime in any situation you will get to the second, and so on, and so one until you master all 108 (approximately) points.

Next we present a demonstration video, made by Evan Pantazi one of the Kyusho Jitsu founders, of what a person can do with Kyusho.

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