Kyokushin Budokai Karate

Swiss-IBK-blackThe option to practice a particular style of martial arts is often the result of an accident. Most of those who come in a Dojo for the first time, do it because there a friend is training, or because it is close to home . They generally do not know anything about the style of the Dojo or the instructor that he leads. But if you start in Martial Arts can be a bit random, not the same shall be the decision to continue there. Unfortunately, due to lack of information and advertising drunk instructor kept telling them they had the chance to get into the best Dojo and practice the best style, many believe that they have found a home and will remain there. Every style is the personality of the creator. Schools and combat systems do not differ primarily by the technique but the philosophy and pedagogy that accompany them. If a style technique is different, this is because behind it is a different concept, because it was felt, understood and lived by the founder of the style differently. To practice a particular style is not just about your specific technique itself but to take the personality and character of the founder, on the one hand, and your instructor on the other hand, the qualities and characteristics that are working, thinking and living in the same spirit. Each style and each room has a specific nature that takes its toll on every practitioner.

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Tradition and Modernism

Thinking today about the martial arts in the terms used hundreds of years ago is like talking about information technology in Latin or ancient Greek. There are no words or concepts to convey the realities of a world in constant development, so the old schools or systems can not cover the complexity of actual combat forms.

Tournaments as Ultimate Fighting or K-1 have proven and continue to prove that closed styles practiced only inside a certain dojo is gone. Today we need total fighters, very well trained in all styles and techniques. Having access to information, with the preparation of the latest achievements of science and technology, martial arts practitioners today are turning to forms of training complex to integrate as much of the current knowledge as possible.

During the last decades, the world has been enriched with styles of Martial Arts and new schools who tried, each in their own way, to collect everything that can be better in terms of information. Such schools, such as “Seido Karate”, “Shidokan”, “Ashihara Karate” and so on, have proved their superiority in Full Contact tournament showing the changes made and proposed pedagogy have real support. The tone of these changes was given in the 50s undoubtedly the Masutatsu Oyama, founder of Kyokushin Karate style (Karate ultimate truth). Endowed with unusual physical strength and spiritual power, Sosai Oyama was looking for the upper limit of Martial Arts. Practicing many styles and forms of struggle (Chinese and Western Boxing, Judo, Shotokan, Go Ju Ryu) Masutatsu Oyama started a solitary search of what he hopes to be “final truth” in Martial Arts. After two periods of isolation in the solitude of the mountains, one of nine months and another eighteen months, Oyama returned to the “civilized world” and demonstrated promoting the fight that his contemporaries have called Oyama Karate. This new style, very powerful and effective, has been refined and enriched, turned eventually into what is now know as Kyokushinkai.

One of the first students of Sosai Oyama was Jon Bluming, a veteran Dutch Korean War. After the third Dan in Judo acquired from Tokyo Hirano, one of the most famous Kodokan instructors, Bluming became increasingly interested in Karate. When Jon Bluming stepped into the Kyokushin Honbu Dojo, the dojo was known as the only place where a karateka could practice a full fight without restriction or regulation bluntly. The oldest students of Oyama recount nostalgically about training hard, fights hard and about how their own style assimilate any technique or effective method seen in other schools.

Soon after, however, Kyokushin Karate began to change its look to a competitive battle, promoting a regulation of the toughest but with many restrictions. This has produced effects and changes in pedagogy and methodology of the Kyokushin style. Adept of a total struggle, having experienced a real war, Jon Bluming rejected the new trend.

Equipped with an impressive physique would have been very easy to impose in knock-down fight karate, but never wanted to leave the concept of “all round fighting.”

In the early ’60s, Bluming presented to Oyama Masutatsu his idea of a complex style, that combined the devastating striking techniques of Kyokushinkai, with sockets and ground fighting. This concept was initially embraces by Oyama butt abandoned later after it send Jon Bluming to Europe. Kenji Kurosaki, Oyama’s shadow, was the person that supported Jon.

With the support of Kenji Kurosaki, Jon Bluming founded a modern and highly effective Martial Art which he called Kyokushin Budokai Karate.

Their motto “all round fighting” Budokai Karate include striking techniques, grapling, ground fighting and weapons fighting techniques.

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